Hyland, Creator of OnBase, Achieves Certification with PaperStream IP Image Enhancement Solution

Certification Further Expands Capabilities of the Award-Winning Fujitsu “fi-Series” Scanner Product Line

Sunnyvale, CA, July 09, 2015 – Fujitsu, the market leader in document imaging scanners, today announced Hyland, creator of OnBase, as the latest independent vendor to certify its software with the company’s PaperStream IP TWAIN and ISIS image enhancement technology. The certification of Hyland with PaperStream IP further expands the capabilities of the Fujitsu high-performance fi Series document imaging scanner line and the flexibility of OnBase, by Hyland, an enterprise content management solution.

In combination with the Fujitsu fi Series document imaging scanner line, PaperStream IP delivers a powerful image processing solution that allows documents to quickly and easily be converted into exceptionally clean images, giving organizations the ability to maximize automation, productivity, and efficiency throughout the document capture processes. PaperStream IP is equipped with both a TWAIN and ISIS driver interface to seamlessly integrate with the myriad of scanning applications on the market today.

“The greatest capture benefits can be realized by simplifying the document imaging process,” said Bill Filion, vice president of software development at Hyland. “OnBase and Fujitsu make it easier for administrators to configure automated document imaging solutions which natively provide the ability to read bar codes and patch codes, and to use blank page detection at scan time.”

OnBase helps improve customer service, reduce operating costs and minimize risk by providing instant access to data, documents and business processes from any device or application. OnBase centralizes important business content in one secure location, drives this content through processes at the speed of light while working in conjunction with other applications. It delivers relevant information to any device when needed. Once information is captured, processed and securely stored, legal retention requirements are implemented automatically, providing total visibility into the status of processes, documents and information.

“Fujitsu is excited to announce Hyland’s certification of OnBase with PaperStream IP,” said Jeff DeCarlo, senior vice president of marketing and corporate strategy, Fujitsu Computer Products of America, Inc. “The combined integration provides customers with a sophisticated, yet simple solution to convert documents into high-quality images while reducing the risk of errors and improving productivity.”

Built on decades of technology refinement, PaperStream IP improves on numerous industry enhancement features while bringing many other specialized features to market, such as edge repair fills, multi-stream capability for fast output of different color formats simultaneously without slowing down scans, and blur correction for smooth dot matrix print and better OCR and reproduction. Additional features of PaperStream IP include:

  • Preset Profiles: With a simple selection of black and white, color or auto-color, the driver’s defaults provide perfect images utilizing advanced features such as auto orientation, blank page removal, deskew, and hole punch removal. Setup time is also kept to a minimum.
  • Assisted Scanning: In the rare instances when a document’s background is not automatically cleaned up, the Assisted Scan takes the guesswork out of document clean up by providing nine distinct cleaned up thumbnail images. Users simply select the image that looks best. There is no need for technical prowess or detailed driver changes.
  • Real-Time Preview: For complex documents that require their own specialized profiles, the Real-Time Preview functionality eliminates the need to rescan documents as changes are immediately made.
  • Fast Scanning: Having a small usage footprint of approximately 100MB, PaperStream IP takes advantage of the PC’s multicore processor to perform powerful cleanup without compromising throughput. PaperStream IP also provides 64-bit support for the latest generation of advanced scanning applications.
  • Patch and Barcode Recognition: In conjunction with scanning applications, PaperStream IP recognizes all of the most common patch codes including, 1-4, 6 & T, as well as one-dimensional and two-dimensional barcodes such as Code 3 of 9, and Code 128, allowing users to prepare and organize batches for faster electronic filing.

Download PSIP Hyland Certification Press Release 7-9-15