Outsourcing Document Archiving and Storage Solves Expensive Headaches for SMBs

by John McIntyre, The Imaging Channel

Can’t live with ‘em, can’t live without ‘em – the documents and records your business runs on (what did you think I meant?), and the need to process, store, and archive those documents and records for a variety of different reasons. While small businesses have been quick to embrace digital technologies to reduce costs, speed up business processes, accomplish more with less, and meet the digital communications requirements placed on them by customers and regulators, many have a dark shadow lurking over their operations: thousands of archived pages of paper files and their continued reliance on those archives for many business transactions. Some small businesses, while operating on mostly digital documents day to day, persist in printing a lot of pages, and often still rely as much on the manual filing and storage of printed documents for archival purposes as they did in the pre-digital era.

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