Automotive Company Reduces Paper and Cleans House



The Accounts Receivable department of a 4x4 parts distributor with U.S. office in the Pacific Northwest that distributes parts across the globe.  Their U.S. office employs 40 people.


  • Invoices
  • Pick Tickets
  • Bill of Lading
  • Shipping Confirmations


The company was still very paper intensive and was processing hundreds of invoices per day.  Each invoice consists of multiple types of documents and may contain 5 to 7 pages. The paper files took up a 20’ x 9’ wall of file cabinets, not to mention a warehouse full of records going years back.  This process was all manual and time consuming.  It also impacted the Sales and Marketing departments as they had to manually search for invoice records in order to respond to customer inquiries.


  • 1 Deluxe Bundle that includes a PaperStream Capture Pro Workgroup License plus a fi-7160 Document Scanner

First, the company modified their invoice template to include barcodes that held the customer name, date and invoice numbers.  Then, they utilized PaperStream Capture Pro to read the barcodes to recognize and separate the documents, and extract the customer account number.  They used the naming rules to automatically create folder and file structures that are easily searched, and release the data into a Windows file folder structure.



On the first day of operation they scanned over 2,000 multi-page invoice packets and currently scan 400 – 500 pages per day.