Business Service Wins Bid with PaperStream Capture Pro



A business service that specializes in B2B technological applications


  • Government paperwork


With the help of PaperStream Capture Pro capabilities, this business service won a bid to convert 1.5 million pages of documents into digital format for a government agency.  They have 6 months to complete the project.  The documents need to be converted into searchable PDF images for easy access.


  • 2 PaperStream Capture Pro Low-Volume Licenses

The consulting service generates barcode cover sheets for each document.  PaperStream Capture Pro reads the barcodes and performs a lookup against a corresponding excel spreadsheet, which then automatically populates key index fields.  These fields are then used to automatically name and create folders for the documents, and then routes them into a file share destination.  Using PaperStream Capture Pro’s automated functions, the consulting service is able to more accurately and quickly convert the documents into digital format.