Child Development Center Gets an A+ in Document Management



A child development center in the Midwest that specializes in therapy for kids with autism


  • Student history
  • Daily reports
  • Therapist notes


This child services organization has a case load of approximately 50 kids at any given time.  They employ 10 to 20 therapists and see 10 to 20 kids each day.  Each child has a paper they carry throughout the day, on which the therapists make notes and observations.  Originally, the organization wanted to scan each document at the end of each day, but so far haven’t been able to do so.  This left them with boxes of un-scanned documents and it was a legal risk, as they are subject to frequent state audits.  To search and find a record was time consuming and difficult to locate upon request.  Additionally, the center felt competitive capture solutions where pricy and costs weren’t transparent up front.


  • 1 Deluxe Bundle which includes the Fujitsu fi-7160 Document Scanner plus PaperStream Capture Pro Workgroup Software License

The solution for the center was to set them up with a fast scanner along with PaperStream Capture Pro software.  With the software, all they had to do was slightly alter their forms to include a barcode at the top of the page.  The barcode included the child’s name.  Once scanned, the digital document is released into their file server where it will reside in the student’s subfolder.  The documents are converted into searchable PDFs and can be searched using the child’s first or last name and date of service.