Hematopathology Center Automates Document Naming and Filing



A large hematopathology research and testing center in southern California which provides testing and drug studies for Oncologists and Pathologists


The center manages thousands of oncology cases every year.   They routinely have up to 100 drug studies in process at any one time.  Each drug study has at least 2 document types.  They were using Scandall Pro to create multiple profiles, however, the software has a profile limit of 100.  Additionally, the software was limited in how and where it could save the documents, requiring them to create a profile for each drug study which was time consuming and prone to human error.


  • 2 PaperStream Capture Pro Workgroup Licenses
  • 11 PaperStream Capture Pro Departmental Licenses
  • 2 FUJITSU fi-6130z scanners-already owned
  • 8 FUJITSU fi-6140z scanners-already owned
  • 3 FUJITSU fi-7180 scanners-already owned

Leveraging PaperStream Capture Pro’s multi-layer dynamic foldering abilities, the center was able to automatically pull metadata and name the document by study name, document type and a date/time stamp.  The documents were then automatically dropped into folders by requisition number via a barcode.  With this ability, the center will only need one profile to handle all of their scanning needs.  The documents will then be released into a Windows file folder.  This reduces the need to search through hundreds of profiles to find the right profile needed to scan a particular study document and making sure it goes to the correct folder location.