Boutique Law Firm Slams The Gavel On Paperwork!



A boutique law firm in the mid-west that specializes in regulatory compliance and state charitable
fundraising registration services


  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Fundraising File Registrations
  • Expenditures
  • State Registration


The law firm employs 35 paralegals and several lawyers, however, their current document capture
solution only allowed 4 users. This meant that only 4 paralegals had access to the system. If a lawyer
needed to pull documents for a case, they had to rely on the paralegals to do it for them. Because of
this, the firm stored a large portion of their client documents on hard drives and other shared folders. It was time for them to find a new solution.


  • 3 PaperStream Capture Pro Low-Volume Licenses
  • 3 FUJITSU fi-6670 document scanners – 1 was already owned

The 3 scanners where set up in a centralized location so any of the 35 paralegals could access them. They applied barcode stickers to client documents that contained a filing number. Using PaperStream Capture Pro, the paralegals use the Database Lookup function to add metadata such as client name, state and filing type. The same barcode is then used for document separation, to name the document, and route to the appropriate location. The documents are converted to searchable PDFs and sent into the MetaJure system – a document management system for the legal industry. This allows the paralegals and lawyers to perform a “Google” type search to recover the documents when needed.


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