University Medical Center Implements Massive Rehaul of their Document Scanning Process



A Financial Services department of a California University School of Medicine


  • Explanation of Benefits
  • Thank You Cards
  • Death Certificates


The Financial Services department receives about 500 pieces of mail per day.  The documents can be anything - a thank you note, Explanation of Benefits, or even Death Certificates.  The current scanning process is performed by multiple people across the campus.  They open the mail, scan it at a centralized location, then email it to another person to perform indexing.  This person opens the email and searches the document for any identifying data (i.e. patient name, DOB, address).  Once a match is found, the employee pings EPIC, their medical records software, and upload the document into the patient’s record.  This process takes an average of 6 – 8 minutes per document.


  • 2 PaperStream Capture Pro Low-Volume Licenses
  • 21 PaperStream Capture Pro QC/Index Licenses

The department deployed 21 PaperStream Capture Pro index station across the campus - 20 for users and 1 used as a server.  This allows scanning and indexing to be performed more efficiently as the person doing the indexing does not have to wait for an email notification, they can simply pull the next batch from the server.  The department also set up customized profiles using rubberband OCR to automatically pull the patient name, DOB, etc.  Then they ping EPIC to match the Patient ID / Identity, enter that number into the field, and upload into the patient record.