Car Dealership


Car Dealership Automates Record Keeping


A local Cadillac dealer in Northern California that prides itself in excellent customer service


  • Service Invoices
  • Bill of Sales


The dealership estimates that they handle thousands of documents weekly.  By law, they are required to retain these documents for 7 years. Their back office houses dozens upon dozens of filing cabinets filled with service invoices, and they are quickly running out of space.  Not only is this paper-intensive practice consuming office space, but it is time consuming for employees to search for documents.


  • 1 Deluxe Bundle which includes the fi-7160 document scanner plus PaperStream Capture Pro software

Using the fi-7160 scanner to scan large batches quickly, and then PaperStream Capture Pro to clean up, index and file those documents will help the dealership get their paper problem under control.  They will begin by scanning the backlog of records going back 7 years.  Additionally, they will scan all incoming documents going forward and store them on a file share sorted by client name.  This will allow them to easily and quickly find necessary customer data.  They look forward to syncing with a cloud solution down the road.