Native American Tribe


Native-American Tribe Transitions to Automation


A Native-American tribe in the Pacific Northwest


  • Government Documents
  • Historical Documents


This Native-American tribe participates in the Tribal Self Governance Demonstration program.  This allows the tribe to plan, consolidate, conduct, and administer certain government programs, services, and functions previously provided by the Department of the Interior.  The tribe’s plan for all of their paper documents was to send them offsite for long-term storage.  But, they were concerned about not having immediate access to those documents.  They wanted to be able to digitize everything and store on a network drive prior to shipping to the offsite storage facility.  They needed consistency in what document types needed to be scanned and what information should to be captured, and they needed to understand the value of the meta data.


  • 1 Deluxe Bundle which includes the fi-7160 document scanner plus PaperStream Capture Pro software

With PaperStream Capture Pro, the tribe scans and converts each document into searchable PDF’s.  Then they release the digital documents to a Windows file folder structure on their network, in which they can quickly search and find the documents.  FCPA helped them institute a metadata plan which they will implement going forward, using barcodes and database lookups, creating consistency.  The tribe will begin with their National Resources and Cultural Resources departments, and then will roll it out to other departments.