Medical Laboratory


Medical Lab Converts Damaged Documents Into Searchable Data


A lab out of Tennessee that provides laboratory services for a national addiction recovery center.


  • Toxicology Lab Result Forms
  • Lab Test Requests
  • Lab Sample Reports


The lab was scanning 200 to 400 3-page lab requisitions per day and the workload is rapidly expanding.  The documents that come in are sometimes delicate, worn, torn or even wet, and are often in different formats coming from various facilities.  They want to get ahead of the paper issue before it becomes unmanageable and impedes growth.


  • 2 PaperStream Capture Pro Workgroup Licenses
  • 1 PaperStream Capture Pro Mid-Volume License
  • 2 PaperStream Capture Pro QC/Index Licenses
  • 1 Fujitsu fi-6400 Document Scanner
  • 1 Fujitsu fi-7260 Document Scanner

The lab implemented a distributed PaperStream Capture Pro solution with separate scan and QC/Index stations to speed up the capture and indexing process. They are using barcoding and zonal OCR to separate and auto index the lab forms.  The scanners are able to scan damaged forms while maintaining the integrity of the document and data.  This allows them to grow their business while maintaining an efficient and more accurate paper processing system.