Optometry Clinic


Optometry Clinic Gets Eye-Opening Results with PaperStream Capture Pro



An optometry clinic with 2 local offices in the Southwest.


  • Patient Charts
  • Test Results
  • Pictures
  • Supporting Documents


The optometry clinic has 2 local offices.  They were still solely dealing with paper documents and it became difficult to share patient charts back and forth between offices.  Additionally, file cabinets and storage were taking over both offices.  They had tried digitizing their documents one time before but ended up with thousands of PDF’s that were inconsistently named and filed, making it extremely difficult to find the records when needed.


  • 2 Deluxe Bundle which includes the Fujitsu fi-7160 Document Scanner plus PaperStream Capture Pro Workgroup Software License

The solution for this clinic was 2 fi-7160 Deluxe Bundles, one for each office.  They are able to quickly scan patient charts and automatically name them using a database lookup utilizing their existing EHR system.  The documents are named consistently using the patient’s first and last name, birth date and type of office visit, and then stored in the patient’s record.  Both offices have access to the shared server, so there is no need to transfer patient records back and forth.  In the future, the clinic will purchase the PaperStream Capture Pro import license and they will begin converting nearly 40,000 back-logged charts into searchable PDFs.  The automation and ease-of-use won this clinic over!