Employment Agency


Employment Agency Automates Record Keeping


A regional employment agency in the Midwest that conducts training and employment services.  They assist 47,000 seekers and place 25,000 jobs yearly.

Document types:

  • On-the-Job Training Reimbursement Agreements
  • Job Skills Training Agreements
  • Payment Request Documents
  • Job applications


Employees were manually indexing key fields, such as names and social security numbers, which was time consuming and prone to human error.


  • 2 PaperStream Capture Pro Workgroup Licenses

Using PaperStream Capture Pro, the customer is now able to create customized profiles for each document type.  They leverage PaperStream IP to clean up the scanned images and use OCR data extraction based on key index fields to pull data accurately.  They can now automatically release documents and metadata into their network directory.