Manufacturing Company Converts Backlogged Documents into Searchable PDFs



A Colorado manufacturing company specializing in engineered polymers for the aerospace, chemical, semiconductor and biopharmaceutical industries


  • Work Orders
  • Purchase Orders
  • Invoices


This manufacturer was looking for a new front-end capture solution to digitize their documents.  When they learned about PaperStream Server they were excited to find a more robust solution that could take care of their backlogged digital files.  They had been scanning their documents to PDF, but their original system didn’t OCR them accurately.  They needed a way to reprocess those documents as well as scan net new work orders, purchase orders and invoices.   They also needed a solution that could work across all of their departments beginning with Accounting.


  • 1 PaperStream Server 4-Core License
  • 1 PaperStream Server Quick Start and Installation Configuration

Using PaperStream Server, they can process several hundred documents every week.  They scan all new incoming documents, run them through PaperStream Server, OCR and convert them to searchable PDFs.  They are also able to convert their existing digital documents into searchable PDFs and correct the OCR.  They are even able to separate files that where once scanned as one large document, into individual documents.  They will soon set up “user scans” so employees can scan a document and automatically route it to their own folder on the shared network.