Property Management Company Finds Flexibility with PaperStream Server



A start-up property management company with 2 employees but growing fast


  • Lease Agreements
  • Maintenance & Repair Bills
  • Emails
  • Faxes
  • Pictures


This new property management start-up is rapidly growing and in need of a long-term solution to their paperwork.  They had no process in place to digitize their documents but they want to go paperless.  And, they want be able to save all scanned pages, even blank pages. In addition to paper, they receive digital emails, faxes and pictures which they need to be able to process and save as well.


  • 1 PaperStream Server 4-Core License
  • 1 PaperStream Server Quick Start and Installation Configuration

Using PaperStream Server, they will ingest all of their documents – both physical and digital – to clean up the images and convert to Searchable PDFs.  The scan operator will use patch codes to separate the documents.  As they are a small company, they will then email the documents to a third-party agency to index and store them.  In the future, they will invest in an ECM system knowing that PaperStream Server will be able to integrate with whichever system they select.  And, as the company grows, they will be able to add end-users as needed without additional costs.