Professional Document Capture For Your Business

Maximize capabilities and control costs.


PaperStream Capture Pro

Experience the true power of Fujitsu fi series scanners with PaperStream Capture Pro. Designed for a distributed capture model with optional multi-station licensing, it’s built from the ground up to maximize your document capture capabilities without driving costs through the roof. With all these features, it’s clear that PaperStream Capture Pro is a powerful software that does the heavy-lifting for you. See for yourself today.


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Set Up and Go

Cut down on administration time with a simple interface that boasts accessible, pre-defined templates and flexible data extraction options.

Baked-In Image Processing

Leverage the power of PaperStream IP to enjoy a full toolbox for image processing. With it, you can clean up, enhance, and eliminate error-inducing image issues with ease.

"PaperStream Capture Pro helps us to quickly process documents without having to inspect them."

-Jeff Blake, Operations Manager, US Distribution, ARB


Make Your Documents Work for You

Extract data in any combination. From multi-index values to barcode or zonal Optical Character Recognition (OCR) extraction, your searches can be as specific or complex as you need them to be.

Enjoy Unlimited Volume

With each license you own, you’ve got unlimited page scans. With no need to buy additional licenses when volume increases, you can keep costs down and productivity up.