PaperStream Capture Pro Introduction

A high-quality, scanning software enhances Fujitsu fi Series’ superior scanning abilities with an improved feature set that includes options for high level data extraction and indexing, the import of electronic images, and support for multi-station licensing.

Profile Set-up (1/4)

Get started with PaperStream Capture Pro! This instructional video hosted by Marni Carmichael, VP of Product Management, outlines how to get started and set up profile configurations.

QC Image Enhancement (2/4)

Learn how to verify the integrity of scanned images in the Quality Control phase of the PaperStream Capture Pro process.

PaperStream Indexing Validation (3/4)

See how you can perform indexing and data validation with PaperStream Capture Pro to ensure the correct execution of business rules.

Export Release (4/4)

Discover PaperStream Capture Pro's export options to send documents to your desired location in your preferred format.