PaperStream IP Features


Easy, Fast, Powerful.

PaperStream IP TWAIN and ISIS is an industry recognized and unique image enhancement software driver. It delivers powerful image correction, allowing documents to be quickly converted into exceptional high-quality images. By cleaning up scanned images, the need for rescans is greatly reduced, and OCR accuracy is improved.  PaperStream IP has predefined profiles, which means you don’t have to already have profiles set up in order to begin scanning.  Scanning with PaperStream IP TWAIN and ISIS is easy, fast, and effortlessly prepares data for optimized capture results.


New Features!*

Front and Back Merging

  • Automatically combine two images into one. Perfect for endorsed checks, ID cards, Driver’s Licenses.

Color Change Using Patch Codes

  • Achieve 100% color depth accuracy using Patch Codes to identify the correct color for each page in a batch.

Imprinter Input

  • Change imprinter values before each batch without modifying the driver.

Statistical Reporting

  • Track user information, batches, document characteristics, scan speeds and errors.

Key Features

Assisted Scanning

  • Visually choose the best image for image replacement or profile setting without having to use advanced driver settings.

Blank Page Deletion

  • Use duplex scanning and automatically delete blank backsides without having to select batch-dependent profiles.

Auto-Cropping and De-skew

  • Mixed paper sizes are automatically straightened and captured at the correct size.

Hole-Fill and Edge Clean Up

  • Fills in hole punches in both color and black & white. Corrects the rough edges of documents, removing small tears.

Barcode and Patch Code Support

  • Supports batch separation using the latest barcode and patch codes.

Digital Endorsing

  • Digitally stamp images with a string, date, and/or time, including Julian Calendar dates.

Auto-Color Detection

  • With adjustable sensitivity, each page is automatically captured in the correct color depth for optimized file size.


  • Page orientation is corrected automatically and accurately, minimizing the need to physically rotate paper.

Color Clean Up

  • Color documents are automatically cleaned up for improved reproduction and reduced file size.

Intelligent Multi-Feed Controls

  • Integration with intelligent double feed detection lets operators automatically bypass sticky notes, taped receipts, and barcode labels.

Scanner Central Admin

  • Integrates with Scanner Central Admin for centralized and seamless profile updates deployed to the scanner fleet.

*June 2016